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Vono BedsAfter selling Vono beds for over a decade, Starplan took the opportunity to purchase Vono beds when it came to the market in 1982. We knew that Vono stood for the same things as Starplan - quality, choice and value - Vono also has a great history.

Vono started producing beds in 1896 and at one stage was one of the largest bed manufacturers in the world. Vono has also been rumoured to have made beds for some very influential people, including Queen Victoria.

Vono has truly learned some very important lessons in bed making over its long and illustrious past on quality, comfort and support.

Instead of making thousands of beds a week, Starplan now make a smaller amount of Bespoke beds, which are individually tailored to suit the needs of customers & can come with a warranty of up to 3 years.

We produce the most luxurious beds, after all, the most important quality of a bed is comfort and we will produce a bed to the exact comfort for you - a little firmer or a little softer perhaps. Or what about a little firmer on your side and a little softer on your partner's side? After all, its your bed and it should be perfect.

After we get the comfort just right, its time to look at the size. We can make your bed to suit you - a bit longer, shorter, higher, lower or wider. Now its time to make your bed and at Vono we only use the highest quality and most luxurious materials and pocket springs for support. The spring system lets the mattress mould to the shape of your body, to ensure no matter how you sleep at night, you are being supported in the right places, especially the lower back, which sometimes can feel stiff and sore in the mornings.

After the pocket springs comes the comfort filling materials. We use some of the best fillings on the market, including visco elasticated memory foam for extra support and the most luxurious fillings like cashmere, wool and silk to give the most comfortable nights sleep.

Only you know what kind of bed is right for you, so talk to Vono and we will make you the perfect bed for the perfect nights sleep.

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